Azena Website

Azena Website

Project Facts


UI Design, Frontend Development and Hubspot CMS integration

  • HubSpot CMS
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

About Azena (Security & Safety Things)

Security & Safety Things is a Bosch IoT start-up located in the heart of Munich. Around 80 employees are driving change in the field of security technology by building an open IoT platform for cameras. In 2020, Security & Safety Things was rebranded as Azena.


The starting point was a chaotic HubSpot CMS website with countless and unnecessary templates. To create new pages, templates were often duplicated and customized instead of duplicating and editing pages.

As I was the only developer in this project, one of my tasks was to communicate with the internal project manager to discuss the status and next tasks. From time to time there were also meetings with the internal designers to discuss ideas regarding new pages.

One of the main tasks was to make the website accessible and responsive to be usable on all devices, also by people with disabilities.
Besides improving the UI & UX for the site visitor, I also made it easier for the CMS users to use it. I.e. I created the site modules so that they have a similar structure and it's easy to duplicate, edit or change the order of content elements (e.g. columns or slides). This was absolutely not given in the previous version, although one would take something like this for granted.
Also the unification of the frontend code by more flexible modules and less templates, SEO onsite optimizations and website performance improvement based on Google Lighthouse recommendations were part of my tasks.